Transform the passenger experience

Combine our solutions with your existing systems across multiple channels to make passenger travel effortless.


Smartphone app is a multi-functional tool designed to provide agents with everything they need to
do passenger handling and flight operations.


Hardware and software that empower passengers to make their own end to end journey.


Robust departure control, load control and security to significantly increase the productivity of your staff.


Unify the Web Check-in experience across your entire network, even with multiple DCS running in
different airports.

Check-in and board
on our mobile DCS

Scan passports for APIS, print real baggage tags and boarding passes on mobile printers that agents wear. Supplement desk capacity or exit from CUTE altogether by going 100% mobile.

Free your staff from the confines of their desks. Free your operations from the confines of the airport.

download IOS app on mobile device
Passengers checking-in at an airport desk

Next generation departure control that raises your service levels

Ink DCS gives your passenger handling operation unrivalled stability and awesome performance with less data management effort across more devices than any other cloud-based system available today.

Lease Bag Drop Units
without capital expenditure

Increase terminal capacity by installing Self Service Bag Drop at every desk in your terminal. Our bag drop units have a tiny footprint and can even be installed on a bar spanning the gap between desks. You retain use of the desk by retrofitting to existing equipment. Just activate self-service when needed.

Retrofit onto existing equipment

Free integration with any DCS

Passengers will love the ease of use

Make a difference with distinctive solutions

Our systems can be the difference between where your in-airport passenger experience is today and where it should be. Your agents cannot proactively sell from behind service desks and transact efficiently at boarding gates. Give them the tools to get in front of passengers.

 Data Security and Reliability

Data Security and Reliability

Ink handles millions of sensitive passenger records. And is connected to government systems globally. We take data security seriously and understand what it takes to mitigate modern data threats.

 Challenge Convention

Challenge Convention

Having IATA-compliant systems doesn’t mean that you have to slavishly follow others. Innovation means doing something new; not just saying the word. Try, fail and refine processes in minutes with Ink.

 Increase Automation

Increase Automation

Use your agents to do the things that people are best at. And leave the tedium to Ink’s systems. Find out why our customers swear by the savings we make in their operations.

 Infinitely Flexible

Infinitely Flexible

Customise our products and reflow processes with ease. Add any behaviour or connect to any system, if it is not already supported within the hundreds of existing options.



Run any sized operation : from a point-to-point city-pair with a single aircraft or internationally with a sizeable fleet. Dynamically spin-up resources to cope with massive traffic spikes.

 Centrally Defined Processes

Centrally Defined Processes

Get staff to follow business rules that are centrally set. Allow local variations or rein in unsanctioned activities across your network. Gain real-time front-line insight across your operation.

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