Passengers hate queuing

Ink Self-Service significantly reduces waiting times and allows travellers to perform the check-in process in seconds with minimal effort.

Passengers prefer to perform check-in and bag drop functions themselves, especially if it means getting to airside quicker, which is perfect because that means they can now put their focus where it really should be…their journeys.

No More Queuing

Passengers want to serve themselves

Avoid long queuing times and improve passenger flow.

Speed up passenger journeys with intuitive check-in and bag drop facilities.

Free up your agents to perform more involved customer service tasks and provide assistance where it is needed most.

Tactically manage spikes in passenger numbers and support unexpected traveller growth seamlessly.

Introducing the new Ink kiosk

Bag Drop. Check-in. All-in-one.

A compact form factor that can be deployed where space is limited.



Ink kiosk has its own full IATA CUSS platform, enabling any airline’s CUSS-compliant application to run on it. You have complete flexibility to use the unit for check-in or bag drop or both.


Ancillary revenues and payments

Passengers can pay for seat upgrades, additional baggage, excess baggage fees and other ancillary purchases directly at the kiosk via credit card, Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Baggage Reconciliation

Plug & Play

Ready-to-use from day one, each kiosk comes bundled with turnkey software that collects APIS data and is e-Ticket, BCBP and PCI compliant with EMV-certified Chip & PIN.

Gate Tags

Branding and customisation

Use branding opportunities on the front and side panels to customise the appearance of the software in line with your company’s brand guidelines.

Meet the new
Ink Bag Drop

Small footprint. Big impact.


Completely intuitive

Our software automatically collects the bag weight and checks against the passenger’s or their group’s baggage allowance. Dramatically streamline the handling process with automation; making bag drop faster and more efficient.


Compact Footprint

The footprint of the Bag Drop Unit is minimised with three non-invasive mounting options in front of or between desks. The neatly designed unit makes it perfect for use in space-constrained terminal layouts.


Competitive Pricing

The pricing of our self-service units makes expansion of your operation viable, even if you are working with a limited budget. We offer an affordable way to modernise and transform the passenger experience at your airport.

Baggage Reconciliation

Reduce Costs

Eliminate unnecessary expenditure on old-fashioned hardware and expensive desks. Install our bag drop units everywhere there is a baggage belt to boost passenger processing capacity while reducing the number of agents required.

Gate Tags


Ink software works with any Baggage Handling System (“BHS”) or Baggage Sortation System (“BSS”) in your airport. Integrate the bag drop software layer deeply with any DCS or implement basic bag drop without integration.

Gate Tags

Easy to use

We’ve extensively tested our units to ensure the user interface is easy for passengers of any age to understand and simple enough to complete the steps quickly.

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