Single source of truth

Every airport uses a wide range of systems that share certain parts of their data sets. Variance in that reference data can lead to inaccuracy and data transport issues that then need complex re-mapping to resolve. Ink AODB provides a central repository for reference data.

Data handling is bi-directional, allowing for external third-party systems to obtain authorised information as well as remit information back into the central AODB. When used as the main reference point, systems receive synchronised event updates through a Pub-Sub model.


Maintain situational awareness

Ink AODB obtains the highest possible data quality in real-time. This includes the following data and much more:

  • Flight schedules
  • Flight delays
  • Flight arrival changes
  • Actual arrival and departure times
  • Inbound flight tracking

Staff also have administration screens to manually input information in order to complement automated data.


Plug-in systems effortlessly

If an airport system can communicate with an external system, it can work with Ink AODB. Our platform comes with a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) so third-party providers can integrate with the ease of JSON, the preferred message format for integrating modern systems. If the systems do not support this, we can work with any message transfer including:

  • Type-A and Type-B
  • XML and SOAP
  • Email or MQ
  • SFTP and FTP

Control resource allocation

Optimising the use of scarce airport resources is the key to unlocking the maximum capacity of the airport.

Resources such as desks, stands and gates are capital-intensive structures that have to be shared as efficiently as possible between competing airlines. Ink AODB is able to allocate the precious resources in granular 1-min intervals.

Get everyone involved


Cloud Architecture

Delivered from the Cloud, Hybrid Clouds or on-premises servers.


Secure and Robust

Security framework ensures only authenticated users and systems get authorised access to encrypted data.

Baggage Reconciliation

Generate Big Data

Record millions of data events into the AODB from other systems.

Gate Tags

System Connectivity

Join up systems that were never made to be connected to each other.


Rich conditional event and triggers

Smart Airports depend on more than just data. They need to be aware of events happening across a full array of connected systems. Likewise, there must be the capability to trigger events in any one of those systems based on conditions and business rules.

Ink AODB is built on an architecture that permits events and triggers to be exchanged as effortlessly as data. It is the foundation technology for designing and delivering full Smart Airport interoperability in conjunction with IoT devices.


Administer the AODB on mobile devices. Ink Cloud makes the system accessible on any Web-connected device including tablets and smartphones.

Free your administrators from the confines of desktop machines. Uniquely, Ink provides many complementary systems that also run on mobile devices, giving your workforce a more modern way to access critical data.

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