New company website repositions Ink
Nov 20

New company website repositions Ink

2018 is a massive year for Ink in which our relaunched website will play a pivotal role. While companies may have heard of Ink DCS, many are unaware of the full breadth of our involvement in the passenger journey.

Our new website will help aviation professionals learn how our technology solutions address the challenges they face. Its content will be targeted to change agents and decision makers who want to transform their passenger handling processes. As its content increases, those responsible for passenger experience will be able to build business cases based on Ink’s exciting mix of Mobile, Self Service and Desktop products.

Videos, white papers and articles will be posted regularly, keeping visitors updated on our latest developments.


Historically, we “fire everything we’ve got” at R&D. As an independent company this takes tremendous discipline and dedication. While new R&D will continue, we never forget that front-line Customer Service Agents trust our systems to remain rock solid. Looking backwards at reliability and performance is as important as looking forwards.

Improve our existing products

The transformative potential of mobile computing for agents is huge – operationally and financially. Ink is at the forefront of delivering these tangible benefits.
Our customers’ feedback and suggestions are inspiring the reimagining of our systems. We are going to look at the core functions that users do within our software and make these workflows the best they could ever be.

Ink was the first company to deliver complete departure control on smartphones. Customers always ask about our USPs, especially when competing vendors deliver some of the functionality in our products. For us, it is not about being the first, the only ones to have a feature or being the biggest. It is about being the best. We value having the easiest systems to use, the most robust, the most resilient, the most secure, the best performing, the slickest, the most interconnected, the fastest to implement, the most adaptable and the best value for money.

The deployed footprint of our self service kiosks is increasing and we are committed to making it the best, most affordable turnkey kiosks that airlines and airports can deploy. Our Web Check-in is similarly increasing its reach, with airlines replacing a mix of other vendors’ screens with Ink’s unified Web Check-in; seamlessly connecting down to a range of underlying DCSes.

This year, we will be updating the look of all of our software products, extracting richer data from across the software suite and putting that insight to work for our customers.

Handle substantial scale

Disruptive technologies like ours start selling first to small companies and early adopters. As the customer base grows and larger companies adopt the product, those technologies need to evolve and grow with the user base. New challenges arise when the number of transactions that used to be executed per hour are now executed every minute. We are rearchitecting our technology platform for 20x peak and continuous loads.


Our systems are going to become smarter. Much smarter.

It is easy to imagine software as just a bunch of unconnected features and functions. To us, they are parts of processes that will be more configurable by expert users. By opening up millions of possible configuration and flow permutations to customers, they will have unimaginable control over their operations.

We will use better dynamic algorithms, deeper business rules and Artificial Intelligence to get more from all aspects of your operation that we manage.

Thanks to our existing customers

Appreciation of all of our customers is woven deeply into the fabric of our company and this is borne out in how fanatical we are about supporting their operations. We hope that our new site helps them to learn more about other things that we could do for them. Hopefully, you can find out enough to join us on the journey to improve and modernise the passenger experience.

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