Mobilise the Check-in Process
Nov 20

Mobilise the Check-in Process

As the aviation industry becomes more competitive, airlines are having to come up with new ways to entice passengers to fly with them. Checking-in and dropping bags can be arduous if the process is not smooth. Being able to provide sufficient or even surplus capacity is key to keeping ahead of queues building. If passengers know that the journey through check-in is predictably trouble-free and fast, it increases the attractiveness of the airline.

Transforming the check-in process across an airline’s network is key to easing departure-day stress for passengers and stealing a march on rival airlines. While incremental changes to your existing processes would yield incremental benefits, Ink technology facilitates step change improvements.

Cut down dreaded queues by working along them when the arrival rate of passengers outstrips the processing rate at the end of the queue. Events like the arrival of one or multiple coaches or trains or weather delays cause the arrival rates to surge. Ink Touch is the best-in-class tool to increase processing capacity independent of allocated desks.

In-queue processing goes beyond simply issuing boarding passes. Tag bags, collect APIS and sell ancillaries without redirecting passengers elsewhere. Do every function that you could do at a desk, leaving just the function of updating baggage weight and tag status for bag drop.

This allows you to segment the queue into passengers that:

a) only need to check-in – they can be sent straight to security
b) those that need to drop bags – their partially processed bags are easier and faster to drop.

Process passengers at their point of need.

Queue Busting in Haiti for Sunrise Airways

The agent above has selected a passenger from the flight, checked him in, collected APIS from his passport, automatically allocated a seat and finished printing a boarding pass. All within 7 seconds of the initial scan, which is the only action that he had to do.

Agents just need a smartphone and mobile printers that Ink supplies as part of a full, robust solution.

    • The software frees agents from the traditional check-in counters and helps the airline reduce expenditure within or totally avoid expensive CUTE contracts.
    • Reduces congestion and queuing within the check-in hall.
    • Passengers can be processed remote meaning many customers completely bypass check-in hall altogether.
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