About Ink

At Ink, we care deeply about the difference that our products make to passengers’ journeys to and through airports. Our passion is making our customers’ lives easier with step-change operational improvements.

Our Head Office is in sunny Alicante, Spain. We frequently welcome aviation professionals and consultants who want to learn first hand how we are transforming passenger handling. Pay us a visit to learn about our technology yourself.

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Alicante, Spain

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What makes us different?

We are genuine. Ink does not posture when it comes to providing solutions. We strive to provide unbeatable value within the solutions that we design together with our customers. Our company culture is to partner with our customers for mutual revenue growth in long-term relationships. Our strategy is not to lock-in clients and force them to take on more and more modules exclusively within our portfolio. Integration with external systems is at the heart of what we do.

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Pereira, Colombia

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Our values and beliefs

Put the passenger front and centre

We firmly believe that agents should spend time serving passengers and not fighting with technology. We continually work to get information about passengers in front of agents and bring one-touch simplicity to agent actions.

Make our agents the stars

The main users of our systems are agents. We do everything we can to make their day-to-day lives easier and processing faster: whether that be removing unnecessary clicks or simplifying explanatory text and their workflow.

Simplicity takes work

We craft our systems to be intuitive and, ideally, something that neither the agents nor the passengers notice. We listen, we brainstorm, we develop, deploy and then listen some more. Thousands of user suggestions have given our systems depth.

Never be arrogant

We dislike politics and make sure that access to features, access to their own data and access to our time are not used to control our customers. The respect and attention that we give each of them is not proportional to their revenue.

This is mission-critical

The data that we process and the functions that we do are critical to our customers’ On Time Performance, safety and security. We never lose sight of that. We provide 24/7/365 support to help our customers run tight operations.

Trust our own platform

Our own business relies on Ink Cloud. We invoice our customers directly from the platform so our revenue depends on its stability, as much as our customers do. We expect the same high quality experience and accuracy as our customers.

Stirling, United Kingdom

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What we do

Challenge convention
Remix technology
Simplify everything
Listen and help
Design for our users
Secure and robust systems
Long term relationships

What we don’t do

Lock-in and profiteering
Digitise inefficiency
Stand still
Play politics
One-off projects
Cut quality to save cost

Meet our team

Shawn Richards
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Janet Richards
Chief Commercial Officer & Founder

Blaine Powell
Chief Sales Officer

Victor Alzate
Chief Operations Officer

Martin Aguilera
Chief Technical Officer

Agustin Boleda
Lead Logistics Developer

Fernanda Alemany
Executive Assistant

Lizy Rozo
Lead Tester

Sergio Quintero
Android and iOS Developer

Hector Saenz
Senior Backend Developer

Oscar Sanchez
PHP Developer

Ricardo Burgos
iOS Developer

Oscar Rios
Java Developer

Jamie Alvarez
Big Data Developer

Santiago Herrera
Senior PHP Developer

Eugenia Boleda
Senior PHP Developer

Victor Edier
Project Manager, UI Lead

Jesse Estomago
System Administrator

Mario Miranda
Common Use Developer

Carlos Mario Nieto
Senior Tester

Case Studies

Case Studies

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